A Berlin-based acceleration program bringing

Online Forward Movement

to selected startups

What does your ambitions mean in digital terms?

Everybody wants to grow their audience, sales and posicioning, but what does that mean in terms of content, budget and narrative?  We help companies to understand the online environment of their brand and build a narrative to communicate and reach their clients online.

A digital-centric approach to startups acceleration

We believe the future is already here.

Our Acceleration Programs helps companies to transform their personality into a Digital Persona, creating a narrative and a set of online channels that allow the company to speak, react and participate with the appropriate level to reach their objectives as soon as possible.

Understanding the online conversation and creating the right storytelling are the bases of any possible real success today. We can help you to participate in this conversation and drive the right kind of attention to your products. We get your message directly to your client’s hands.

Methodology, Market Research and Storytelling combined in a powerful Acceleration Program

designed to enhance the digital presence and create a momentum that allows

the brand to catalize the results it wants to achieve

First we understand the concrete processes, dynamics and relationships that define your brand. Then we research the online world identifying the conversations and communities that involve your brand

Then we research the market and define the Digital Performance Indicators and the Content Strategy that better fits your Brand

We produce or guide the production of the right pieces of content in order to deliver the right message and build the right Storytelling around the brand

Then we build up the right momentum for your brand, creating an engaging storytelling and managing all the communication channels through a narrative that you control.

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