All non-isometric images are property from Akut Accelerator Berlin, represented for: 

Jose Armando Nuñez Villasmil
Berlin - Germany

Our Isometric Images came from two sources: / Where we own the rights of every piece of graphic content / Where we have downloaded and edited many pieces of graphic content from many different amazing designers, that help us to build our own narrative.

We KNOW that we have to make the proper attribution for each piece of content and we really want to attribute every one of the great designers that create the isometric wonders that we had the luck to use, but for a problem in our Design Department we can not do it now.

Please Freepik or every other designer, whose work has been used in this webpage, we ask you kindly a little of patience and very soon you will see the deserved attribution for your work.

P.D: Don't sue us, we really aren't trying to steal your work, we just have a problem with a messy organization process that delays the proper attribution.

Akut Accelerator Team