We believe Water can be harvest

We are building edible food forests



Creating regenerative food forests capable of sustaining and improving the condition of soils and crops, using the natural properties of different plants to avoid pesticides and water waste.

Regenerative food forest ecosystem

Replicating the lush, organic rainforests of Brazil

Complementary fruit trees providing a sustainable food supply

Tree for Peace Alliance

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Discover our first operative Food Forest

Our first food forest was successfully launched in Curacao on June 27th 2020 on nearly 2.5 acres of land. Powered by PAC Global, our main sponsors are Summit BlockchainLiberland Aid Foundation, and CuraDao. The below picture was taken a month after we built it. Click here to see a drone video containing a “crash course” on food forests.

We are currently building out a second Food Forest, there is still a long way to seed the resources that the new generations will harvest

You can be part of that future