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We take you to the center of Miami Crypto Experience 2021

Sit in our Lounge and share the spotlight as part of the Good Blockchain

Trusted Good Crypto access packages

Continuum Lounge


  • Central lounge location
  • Highest foot traffic
  • Clearly visible brand placement
  • Metaverse inclusion
  • Swag opportunities
  • 1 all-inclusive access pass

Continuum Camera

$ 3000

  • 15 min spotlight
  • 15 min Keynote
  • 5 min Update
  • 2 min Commercial
  • Live broadcast

Continuum Add-on


  • Dedicated workshop room
  • Commercial Placement
  • Metaverse inclusion
  • Promote your give-aways
  • Swag Campaign
  • Become part of the Continuum family
  • Continuum Quandex integration

Continuum is looking to identify and promote Good Blockchain.

We are looking for Blockchain people can trust.

Join us in our journey

Miami Crypto Experience is our first event

gathering the crypto brands that we consider to be Good Blockchain.


Should you want to sponsor, engage or get in the loop of the hottest crypto events,

follow us in the quest for support Good Blockchain.

Kristina Bruhahn

Our CEO is connecting the dots building the network of Good Blockchain. An alliance using powerful data and real-time indicators to tell the world why some brand should be trusted.

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